BOAWP registry of commands, headers, and datatypes
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BOAWP registry of commands, headers, and datatypes

This registry exists to ensure proper cooperation between various BOAWP implementations.

The default datatypes and headers apply to every protocol, and are extended in the documents listed below.



Each protocol contains a table which maps the name of the init, datatype, or header to various representations (decimal, hex, etc).

When implementing BOAWP, it is important to use the exact same decimal or hex values assigned in this registry.

The default init, datatypes, and header listed below must be used in addition to the protocol-specific assigned values.

Default init

Name Hex UTF-8 BOAWP Version Description
BOA v01 0x424F4130310A "BOA01\n" 1 BOAWP protocol init string

Default datatypes

Name Decimal Hex UTF-8 BOAWP Version Description
null 110 0x6E "n" 1
true 116 0x74 "t" 1
false 102 0x66 "f" 1
integer 105 0x69 "i" 1 signed big-endian integer (2s complement)
string 115 0x73 "s" 1 UTF-8 string
binary 98 0x62 "b" 1 sequence of raw octets (bytes)
array 97 0x61 "a" 1 array of objects

Default headers

Name Decimal Hex UTF-8 BOAWP Version
noop 32 0x20 " " 1
protocol 65 0x41 "A" 1
command 66 0x42 "B" 1
host 67 0x43 "C" 1
accept-version 68 0x44 "D" 1
max-headers 69 0x45 "E" 1
max-body 70 0x46 "F" 1
max-object 71 0x47 "G" 1
max-int 72 0x48 "H" 1
content-type 73 0x49 "I" 1
content-encoding 74 0x4A "J" 1
date 75 0x4B "K" 1
error 76 0x4C "L" 1
keepalive 77 0x4D "M" 1
server 78 0x4E "N" 1
timestamp 79 0x4F "O" 1
user-agent 80 0x50 "P" 1


New protocols can be added on request, simply create an issue or pull request.

Please ensure there isn't a duplication of efforts.


CC BY-SA 4.0

This documentation is Copyright (c) 2020 Alexander Williams, On-Prem, and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License license.